Reasons Why Senior Citizens Should Invest In Bitcoin

Reasons Why Senior Citizens Should Invest In Bitcoin

As expected, many older adults get scary when they think of investing in Bitcoin. This is understandable because cryptocurrencies are new things, and senior citizens, throughout history, often hesitate to embrace change even if it is inevitable. Besides, even millennials find the idea of investing in crypto extremely scary. So, it is expected that people who are 65 and beyond will obviously feel scared by the idea. Today, we have highlighted some of the main reasons why older adults should join other investors and start investing in bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin are valuable and scarce

Bitcoins are extremely scarce, and this is the main reason they are highly valuable. Look at gold as an example. Gold is very available in very limited amount, and this is why it remains a highly sought item. As miners continue to mine new gold, there is often less and less gold left on earth and it also becomes more expensive and harder to find and mine. This is also true with Bitcoin. Actually, there are barely more than 21 million bitcoins available. Compared against investors across the globe, 21 million is an extremely a small number. Besides, bitcoin, just like gold, become harder and more expensive to mine as time goes on. Since bitcoin is extremely valuable, it is therefore a great investment, and this is why we are encouraging senior citizens to try investing on the crypto.

  • Bitcoins are useful

You can use bitcoins are very useful as they can be sent to anywhere in the world from anywhere else in the world. It is censorship resistant money, and no bank can close your account or block payments. Bitcoin has made cross border payments easy and possible. Because of this, bitcoin will always be relevant and this is why investors are not afraid to bet and invest on it.

  • It’s an excellent way of escaping failed government monetary policy

People value bitcoin because it offers an excellent way for people to easily escape failed government monetary policies. For this reason, people who want to go this route will always seek to buy bitcoins.

  • It will have the same impact on global economy and finance

Just like internet made it very easy to access information from wherever one is on earth, Bitcoin is also a sound, global currency that is going to have almost the same impact on both finance and global economy. So, it is here to stay, and it can only become more useful and valuable as time goes on. So, investing in it and Short Term Health Insurance 2020 by visiting is definitely an excellent investing idea that senior citizens should consider.