Punk Bachelorette Party Ideas

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bachelorette-party-decorationsThey say punk’s not dead, and, while I’m not so sure about the music itself, the punk image can surely inspire some very original punkĀ bachelorette party ideas.

The bride-to-be and her bridesmaids don’t necessarily have to be punkettes, as this idea is mostly about interesting looks, fashion statements and careless fun; but if they happen to like punk, so much the better, you can also hire one or two bands for the event to play covers of famous bands. (It always surprises me how few people hire bands for bachelorette parties. If you rent a club for an evening, they’ll be happy to accommodate a place for the band to perform.)

The best thing about this punk theme is that it fits every budget, as the costumes, makeup and hair can be done at home, with little or no cash. Just tear up some old T-shirts and pin them together with large safety pins; write a band’s name on, dug out the leather jacket from the back of your closet and you’re done. Look out, wild girls on the run!

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