Reasons Why Senior Citizens Should Invest In Bitcoin

Reasons Why Senior Citizens Should Invest In Bitcoin

As expected, many older adults get scary when they think of investing in Bitcoin. This is understandable because cryptocurrencies are new things, and senior citizens, throughout history, often hesitate to embrace change even if it is inevitable. Besides, even millennials find the idea of investing in crypto extremely scary. So, it is expected that people who are 65 and beyond will obviously feel scared by the idea. Today, we have highlighted some of the main reasons why older adults should join other investors and start investing in bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin are valuable and scarce

Bitcoins are extremely scarce, and this is the main reason they are highly valuable. Look at gold as an example. Gold is very available in very limited amount, and this is why it remains a highly sought item. As miners continue to mine new gold, there is often less and less gold left on earth and it also becomes more expensive and harder to find and mine. This is also true with Bitcoin. Actually, there are barely more than 21 million bitcoins available. Compared against investors across the globe, 21 million is an extremely a small number. Besides, bitcoin, just like gold, become harder and more expensive to mine as time goes on. Since bitcoin is extremely valuable, it is therefore a great investment, and this is why we are encouraging senior citizens to try investing on the crypto.

  • Bitcoins are useful

You can use bitcoins are very useful as they can be sent to anywhere in the world from anywhere else in the world. It is censorship resistant money, and no bank can close your account or block payments. Bitcoin has made cross border payments easy and possible. Because of this, bitcoin will always be relevant and this is why investors are not afraid to bet and invest on it.

  • It’s an excellent way of escaping failed government monetary policy

People value bitcoin because it offers an excellent way for people to easily escape failed government monetary policies. For this reason, people who want to go this route will always seek to buy bitcoins.

  • It will have the same impact on global economy and finance

Just like internet made it very easy to access information from wherever one is on earth, Bitcoin is also a sound, global currency that is going to have almost the same impact on both finance and global economy. So, it is here to stay, and it can only become more useful and valuable as time goes on. So, investing in it and Short Term Health Insurance 2020 by visiting is definitely an excellent investing idea that senior citizens should consider.

What is Medicare Supplement Plan D?

Medicare supplement plans have been designed to help cover the remaining 20% medical expenses not covered by Medicare. Medicare will pay the first 80% of those expenses. These Medicare supplement plans are also known as Medigap. There are 10 established types of Medicare supplement plans available and they are known by the letters A-N. Each Medicare supplement plan will cover certain medical issues important to an individual. One of the Medicare supplement plans is Plan D which may be in the middle ground of all the plans. Medicare supplement Plan D has more coverage than Medicare supplement plans A or Plan B, but may not cover as much as Plan C or Plan F. For instance. Medicare Supplement Plan D does not cover Medicare Part B deductible or excess charges one may incur with their medical problem. Other Medicare supplement pans may cover these expenses.

There is a Medicare Part D plan that should not be confused with the Medicare supplement Plan D. Medicare Part D is a plan solely for prescription drugs that a physician may order for his patient. This is secured from Medicare prescription drug plans or a Medicare Advantage Plan. Medicare supplement Plan D is secured from private insurance agencies that specifically offer Medicare supplement plans. They all must offer Plan A, but do not have to offer all the Medicare supplement plans. So if you have Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B and a Medicare supplement plan you may wish to also add on a Medicare Part D prescription plan to help with those expenses.

Benefits of an Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan D:

Medicare Part A deductible

Medicare Part A hospital expenses of inpatient care for 365days beyond the 365 days Medicare pays.

Medicare Part A hospice copayment or coinsurance

Medicare Part B copayment or coinsurance

Nursing care home coinsurance

Foreign health care up to 80%

First three pints of blood needed in a medical procedure.  Medicare supplement Plan D does not cover Medicare Part B deductibles or excess charges. These excess charges may be the additional expense a doctor will charge above the amount allowed for the procedure by Medicare or a specialists charges above the set amount. Other plans like Medicare supplement plans F and G will cover these expenses. It is wise to look carefully at all the plans to see which ones will meet ones budget. Where one resides will also have a difference in the monthly premiums one will have to pay.


Massage is that act of kneading the joints and muscles to enable one relax from day’s activities and also relieve pain in both the joints and muscles. Massage has a lot of health benefits that one may benefit from when done once in a while. Massage is applied using fingers, hands, knees, elbows to the body tissues that may be ailing for a period without a cure. It is treated as one of the traditional medication therapy to the body.

Below are some of the health benefits related to massage.

  1. Relaxed sleep- there are times that one is not able to sleep comfortably because of being tired. Massage brings a sense of relaxation of the muscles that communicate with the nerves to reduce any sleep disorder. It helps to recharge the body with new energy.
  2. Control of Sugar levels- When one is relaxed, sugar levels are well managed and chances of diabetes are drastically reduced. This should also be enhanced in kids to prevent any chances of diabetes while young.
  3. Anxiety-The current lifestyles make people think about tomorrow with anxiety that often lead to depression. A relaxed mind cannot suffer anxiety, and when massage is thoroughly done both to children and adults, it brings a sense of relief which reduce thinking about things you cannot achieve and as such anxiety is eliminated.
  4. Cancer pain relieve- It helps reduce the much-experienced pain in cancer patients since most of the pain is in the body tissues and this happens to be the best gift that one can offer to the patients.
  5. Accelerates the growth of infants- When infants are exposed to massage, it helps to build stronger muscles which give the baby energy to be active and as such speeds up the growth. Massage also helps the infant to increase appetite and gain weight as recommended by the doctors.
  6. Blood circulation is regular- When one has had a massage, the blood circulation becomes stable thereby reducing chances of heart attacks since there is enough oxygen circulating in the heart.
  7. Improves the immune system- The body is made up such that the immune system is strong enough to fight infections. However, there are times that the body tissues become loose due to lack of exercise and making it prone to infections. Once a massage is done, it strengthens the body muscles and tissues thereby boosting the immune system.

Click Here to learn more about Medicare Supplement Plans 2019  Therefore, why not consider a massage once in a while?


Medicare or Medigap? Which One Is Better To Take Care of Your Health

To know what is better to have just Medicare or Medicare supplement plans (Medigap), we first need to know what exactly these both programs are and what they offer in actual.

What Is Medicare?

Medicare is a fully funded program by the US government to help citizens by taking care of all the medical expenses, this program is especially for the ones who are 65 of age and older. It also includes young children with physical or mental disabilities. This health insurance is very helpful for American citizens as it cuts of their health care expenses and declining of income.

Medicare program offers a lot of plans to choose from, for eligible citizens. These are:

  • The out-patient care. Which includes the expenses of medical equipment such as wheelchair and also the expenses of clinical visits, laboratory tests, X-rays, ultrasounds and expenses of medicines.
  • In-patient care which includes the hospital stays and charges of nurse for home care etc.
  • Other plan includes any additional services required according to an individual’s need.

Though the Government Medicare program is useful to a limited extent, there are more beneficial programs available and offered by private insurance companies which covers more expenses than the Medicare program. This program is called Medicare supplement plan or Medigap.

What Is Medicare Supplement Plan?

Medicare supplement plan as Medicare is offered to citizens older than 65 of age and disabled young children but this time offered by a private insurance company. Medicare supplement plan covers more expenses then Medicare originally does the reason people choose to go for this plan. To have Medigap the individual first needs to be first enrolled in Medicare.

The expenses that Medicare supplement plan pays for are:

  • Medicare Plan A’s Copayments and Coinsurance
  • Medicare Plan B’s Copayments and Coinsurance
  • Medicare Plan C’s Copayments and Coinsurance
  • Hospital Stays
  • Blood
  • Yearly deductibles

It may also cover the expenses of overseas travel for medical purposes which Medicare does not cover.

The benefits of a Medicare supplement plan varies depending on the company and the plan you choose. Some companies may also provide the service of out of pocket limit.

The main reason for using Medicare supplement plan is to totally cut your health issues expenses for the whole year. For example, if for your treatment Medicare only provides 80% expenses then the remaining 20% will be provided by Medicare supplement plan.

As Medicare has some disadvantages of not providing all the services, Medigap also offers limited services and cannot be used for all medicinal conditions and treatments.

For example:

  • Medigap cannot be used for regular dental checkups and routine vision tests
  • It does not include the expenses of equipment like hearing aids and eyeglasses
  • It will not pay the salaries of private-duty nurses
  • Drugs expenses are not included as well in Medigap. For drugs, Medicare Prescription Drug plans have to be taken
  • Long-term care such as the cost and charges of nursing homes are not included in Medigap

Overall, it is better to take Medicare supplement plans together with original Medicare provided by the government. An individual should choose the plan carefully according to their needs, considering their medical history and background to save a lot of money from their income which can be spent on something else more important.

How Do Medicare Supplement Plans Work?

Medicare Supplement plans are introduced to overcome the halts in the actual Medicare. The original Medicare plan consists of two parts.

  • For hospital inpatient – Medicare Part A
  • For outpatient – Medicare Part B

There are standard Medicare plans that are standardized across all insurance companies. Every insurance company needs to provide its clients with the same benefits as the other. This is how Medicare plans and their role become easily understandable for all. There are three important points that you need to know before you decide to get a Medicare supplement plan.

Things You Need To Know Before You Decide To Get A Medicare Supplement Plan

  • These Plans Are Standardized

Medicare supplement plans are also known as Medigap. These plans are nationally standardized. This means that every company offering these plans is required to offer the same benefits that others do. A Plan X offered by one organization provides the same coverage as a Plan X of another company. This is why it’s important for the claimers to match the plans before getting them. These plans are required to be compared on the basis of the premium to be paid on the monthly basis as well as the company ranking or status. Majority of the times, all the companies offer the same price for Medicare Supplement Plan. So in order to avail the best coverage, you need to make sure that you choose a company that has earned a reputation for having great involvement in the senior insurance or has a high financial strength ranking.

  • These Plans Offer Freedom Of Choice

You can use your Medigap plan at any specialist or hospital, nationally. Medigap plans offer you complete freedom of choice, regardless of the company you have bought the plan from. Although a number of insurance companies are network-based, their policies do not cover Medicare Supplement plans. Even the most common Medicare plans including Medigap Advantage plans are network centered in a number of cases. With Medigap plans, you get the freedom of utilizing the plan wherever you want throughout the country. This flexibility is among the main reasons why these plans have gotten immensely popular among people who have to travel frequently.

  • Medigap Plans Pay Claims Through The Medicare “Crossover” System

Medicare Supplement plans 2019Medigap plans utilize Medicare crossover system to pay claims.  All the companies are equally efficient and quick in paying claims. Many companies use the promptness in paying claims as their selling point. That isn’t accurate at all especially for this kind of insurance plans. It’s because these plans are nationally standardized. This means that with Medicare supplement plans, you can rest assured that your claims are going to be paid in a “crossover” system. This means that the company is bound to pay your claims on time and without the involvement of the insurance company or the insured. Once you get a Medigap plan, all you need to do is to show your plan id card along with the with Medicare card before accepting facilities from a specialist or hospital.

Here’s the Best Medicare Supplement Plan to Choose

Medicare Supplement Plans are typically given through private insurance firms. All these Medi programs help cover some of their hospital and healthcare costs that first Medicare does not cover. It includes

  • Co-payments.
  • Annual obligations.

You Have Choices

Medicare Supplement plans help fill the gaps in Original Medicare policy, and there are a range of selections to select from. To be able to decide on the finest Medicare Supplement program for your requirements, first you have to know about your choices. This will help you in knowing your health preferences.

Medicare Supplement Plan Types

A Medicare Supplement plan (Medigap) is intended to assist with prices remaining after Original Medicare benefits are implemented

There are 11 distinct Medicare Supplement programs:

  • F+
  • M

Fundamental Advantages

Each plan covers fundamental advantages, for example:

  • Coinsurance Prices through Medicare Plan A
  • Hospice care co-payments and coinsurance During Medicare Plan A
  • Co-payments and coinsurance via Medicare Plan B
  • The first 3 pints of blood Necessary Because of a medical Process

The Finest Medicare Supplement Plan

To be able to decide on the finest Medicare Supplement program for your requirements, you ought to know about any flat-rate prices which arrive with every strategy.


Foreign Travel Policy

You will most likely need to pick a plan which provides foreign travel emergency policy when you are traveling overseas. Plans C, F, D, M, G, and N cover 80 percent of accredited emergency maintenance in overseas nations. You are insured for your first 60 days that you journey for Preventative maintenance Medicare does not otherwise cover, with a lifetime limit of $50,000.

Do You Need Assistance with Part B Expenses?

When meeting your Part B deductible may be hassle, Strategy F or C might be the finest Medicare Supplement program for you. Both will help cover your Part B deductible, and Plan F may even kick in on your Part B excess fee.

Would You Want the Utmost Possible Policy?

Strategy F could possibly be the finest Medicare Supplement Plan for you, and you are in great company. Individuals with Plan F are 100% covered for all Medicare Supplement advantages.

Plan F covers 80% of qualifying overseas emergency maintenance costs. There is also a high-deductible alternative occasionally called Plan F. While high-deductible Strategy F includes reduced monthly premiums, it delivers no policy until the annual deductible is met.

Best Alternative

Strategy G might be your very best alternative. Plan G features protection on all Medicare Supplement advantages except Part B deductible expenses, and it’s a moderate monthly premium.

Health Markets Assistance

Health Markets May Help Find Your Greatest Medicare Supplement Plan. You can contact one of the most reputable Health Marketers to get replies for your Medicare Supplement policy questions.

Know about the cancer treatment options and Medicare


The number of cancer cases is increasing with each year. However, there is good news that the mortality due to cancer is lower than the incidence of cancer.


What are cancer treatment options?

The cancer treatment is based on the choice of your doctor and how advance treatment he considers offering. The United States has many options such as:

  • Surgery to eliminate the cancer cells from the body
  • Radiation therapy killing the cancer cells and shrinking the tumors
  • Chemotherapy using medications to destroy the cancer cells
  • Immunotherapy that makes it easier to fight for the immune system and to destroy the cancer cells.


Does Medicare cover cancer treatment?

Medicare original and the Medicare supplement plans are of immense use to the United States of America. There are many Medicare supplement plans that pay the out of pocket expenses and ensure people stay stress-free.


The cancer treatment surgery involves tumor cutting as it envelops a healthy issue and the lymph nodes surrounding. This surgery is the best to contain the tumor in an area. Surgery is not done for cancers or blood cancer that has already spread.  Generally surgery is done in association with cancer treatments.


The cancer treatment cost involves surgery costs for anesthesiologist, surgeon, operating room fees, pathologist, medicines, and equipment. Generally, Medicare covers essential surgical procedure for the cancer treatment. In fact, the inpatient surgery is covered by Part A Medicare that deals with hospital insurance and the Part B Medicare handles the outpatient surgery, the medical insurance. The Medicare Advantage plans cover the cancer treatment surgery. The Medicare Supplement Plans are issued by the private insurance companies that are Medicare-approved.


Does Medicare include radiation charges? ask at

Radiation is given in small doses and is used in x-rays. Radiation is usually given in high doses so that the cancer cells are killed and the tumors are shrunk.  The radiation therapy cures a specific body part. The internal radiation may be a systemic therapy or local treatment, traveling in the blood throughout the body. Generally, Part A Medicare covers radiation of outpatients in freestanding clinics. In fact, the Medicare Advantage Plans cover the radiation expenses. Yet the gaps are much involved and this is taken care by the Medigap or Medicare supplement plans.


Chemotherapy cost is based on the chemotherapy medications administered.  This is also covered by Part B Medicare cover and if it is administered in a hospital the cover is given by Part A Medicare. Thus, even with Medicare supplement plans, Part A and B Medicare should be enrolled.


Medicare Vision Coverage, must-know details

The age-related vision loss is common as one gets older and it is best to know the type of vision services offered as Medicare beneficiary and the items that are covered.


Part A and Part B, Original Medicare, offers restricted vision coverage, and most routine eye care is not covered. However, the Medicare Advantage plans in some may provide additional benefits, including the routine vision care.


Overview of vision services as Medicare coverage at

Part A and B, Original Medicare, actually does not cover any eye exams as a routine. It is referred to as eye refraction. This exam type is normally done if you wish to get eyeglass fitted or the contact lenses. Original Medicare, in most cases does not cover the eyeglasses lenses or frames, vision exams, or even the contact lenses. In case you are enrolled in the Traditional Medicare and also do not hold any other insurance, there is all possibilities that you pay from your pocket for these costs.


Medicare covers some preventive and diagnostic vision screenings and a few situations are mentioned where you may be covered.


Glaucoma screenings

Part B Medicare Supplement Plans cover a glaucoma screening yearly in case there is high risk for glaucoma. The reasons to consider for glaucoma high risk include:


  • If you have glaucoma as family history.
  • If you have diabetes.
  • You are a Hispanic American and are 65 years and older
  • You are African American and 50 years old.


If you meet the eligibility criteria, there are possibilities that the Medicare supplement plans may cover glaucoma screening. The test for glaucoma should be given under an eye doctor supervision legally authorized in your state to perform the test.


Diabetic retinopathy screening

Medicare does not cover any of the routine eye exams, though Part B covers exam as annual vision for diabetic retinopathy and you will be covered if these are true such as:

  • You have diabetes
  • You are enrolled in Part B Medicare.
  • The exam is performed by legally authorized eye doctor in your state.


Does Medicare bear the costs of glasses or contacts?

Medicare Supplement plans do not pay the eyeglasses cost or even for the contact lenses. It means you must pay the full costs and for the exams. But, if there is a cataract surgery and you have to be inserted an intraocular lens, Part B Medicare covers the corrective lenses charges with the surgery. Thus a pair of glasses or the lenses is covered in case these items are bought from a supplier enrolled as per the network list of the Medicare program.

How To Keep Your Medical Bills Low

Ideally, when you have just had a medical treatment or going through a medical procedure, all you should be concentrating on is recovery and not on how you will cover the bills. For some, it’s harder to recover from the emergency room bill than from the actual illness or injury itself.

Here are things you can do to make it easier to reduce your medical bills.

Request an itemized statement. Always ask for an itemized bill. The hospital owes you a bill that provides you with details of what services were provided and how much each of them cost.

Check your statement. Emergency rooms are busy places. During a busy day, doctors, nurses, and aides rush to keep up with patients. It is easy for their memory to get overloaded. They can possibly make a mistake in making your bills. Do check your statement because your bill might include items that you did not use.

Have your Doctor Review your Statement. Doctors and nurses are more experienced. Take their help in reviewing your statement. They can easily spot errors in your bills. They can notice things that would not have been used on a patient with that particular medical condition. They can also easily notice if anything anywhere is double billed.

Ask the Hospital To Audit your Bill. The hospital staffs are most likely to find errors in the bill. Hospitals routinely audit bills to make sure their system is working in properly. Ask to have your bill audited.

medicare advantage plan

Enroll in a medicare advantage plan by visiting

Consider getting a Financial Counsellor. If you do not know how to negotiate your medical bills, consider getting a financial counselor. They work for government organizations or non-profits. One such organization is the Patient Advocate Foundation. They are trained to negotiate on behalf of a patient with a medical organization.

Talk with the Department Manager. There are times when the medical bill becomes a huge issue. If you really want them to help you explain them your desire to pay, but the inability to handle a big bill. If they can reduce the bill. If they can’t reduce the bills, ask about a reduction plan. Just don’t be confrontational. Be calm.

Talk with the Billing Department.  If the department manager refuses to provide a reduction plan, speak to the billing department. The billing department and department manager have different functions and could possibly be working under different instructions.

Be Willing to Provide Some Information about your finances. You do not need to give all the details to the hospital. A copy of your pay stub or tax return should be enough.

Write and ask for an Adjustment. Mention clearly that you do not have a Medicare Supplemental Plan if you do not have one. Some hospitals have special rates for those who are not covered by insurance or medical plans.

Pay a little bit regularly. To make it easier for yourself and hospital continue to make small, regular preferably monthly payments.

With the above-mentioned ways, you can get a leg up to negotiate your medical bills.


Exploring all about Aetna medicare supplementplans

Aetna Medicare supplementplan is known to be such a plan which is given to those who qualify for the original Medicare plan. You can effectively use Aetna medicare to cover various health-care costs. There are supplementplans, supplement insurance and prescription drug that are considered to be available options through Aetna.

More on the Aetna medicare supplement plans can be found at

  • Prescription drug plan is the stand-alone plan that is likely to be added in your Parts A and Part B coverage. The supplementplan offers this same coverage of the traditional plans with the added benefits. And the supplemental plan helps to fill coverage gap to be left by the Part A and Part B. You can avail all these plans and benefits through Aetna medicare. These 3 plans collectively offer a national network, discounted coverage for the Part D drugs, predictable co-pays, safeguards for the unexpected changes in the prescription requirements etc.


  • Rx Essential plan is there to provide you with all the basic elements of the coverage. Rx Plus plan is likely to offer basic along with the additional benefits that includes no deductible for the generics as well as brand name prescription drug and coverage. On the other hand, Rx premier plan provides all the coverage in Essentials and Plus plans along with the additional benefits like relevant generic prescription drug coverage. Hence, Aetna Medicare supplement plans are basically designed to offer coverage of the original Medicare Part A and Part B plans with all the added benefits. Moreover, Aetna basically provided 4 kinds of Supplement plans.

Medicare supplement plans

  • On the other hand, Health Management Organization (HMO) plan is there to offer you the access to nationwide networks of the doctors for most of the preventive care. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan is likely to provide benefits of HMO with flexibility to select out of the various network providers for some additional fee.


  • Private Fee for Service (PFFS) basically has no networks for the care providers. Hence, you are absolutely free to select as to which doctor you want to see or which hospital you want to go for. Moreover, there are Special Needs plan that allows coverage to be properly tailored to as per your needs and circumstances. On the other hand, for the supplemental insurance coverage or the Medigap, the Aetna Medicare is there to offer Plan A, B as well as F. Therefore, availing Aetna Medicare will really be advantageous for you.